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Strike Force 67

Hogg - The Revolutionary Front Wheel Holder - Includes Threaded Wheel Nut

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Our high-end Komodo Rack (rest assured, though, it works with any of our fork-mount racks) demanded some way to carry the front wheel as well, and the Hogg seemingly popped into existence. Replace your rear wheel’s axle nut with the anodized aluminum Hogg nut and then you can screw on the Hogg body when you’re ready to transport your bike. Your front wheel’s quick-release skewer clamps onto the Hogg body and off you go! Comes with an anti-rotation strap to stop your wheel from spinning pointlessly when attached.

For quick-release hubs only - not compatible with thru-axle hubs.

Plan on switching your Hogg between a couple of different bikes? Swapping out the skewer nut each time would be crazy - just get an extra nut.