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Strike Force 67

TWO PACK Special - Talon Rack - 1 Bike

Regular price $725.00 CAD
Regular price Sale price $725.00 CAD

Yup save some money and buy a pair.  So if you go solo you roll with one Talon.  Bringing a friend, bust out the second one.  Sure buying one Mini Bomber is slightly less...however the up side is you get one bike per Talon flexibility. 

What’s in the box

  • (2x) Talon 1-bike racks with HUSKE Universal Fork Mount, 9mm plugs, and skewer
  • (2x) 22 inch Rear Wheel Straps with 6" SeaSucker Vacuum Mount
  • (2x) 5g Lube Tubes for vacuum pump maintenance
  • (2x) Spare vacuum pumps
  • (2x) Crank Arm Straps
  • If 9mm plugs are not for you, select the proper plug from the HUSKE PLUGS Chart (See below or Click on SeaSucker in Navigation bar, click on HUSKE PLUGS in drop down menu) and add them to your order.