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All terrain tire traction for the road less traveled. Get virtually any vehicle going out of snow, mud and sand. GoTreads also double as levelling blocks. All this in a compact package with a LIFE TIME Warranty!

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It's Simple...If You Break it... We Will Replace it.

NEW RELEASE GoTreads GoLong 70 Inch


Engineered for Heavy Transport Trucks. Trusted by EMS Vehicles, US Military & US Forest Service Fire Trucks. Load Rated for 50,000 lbs. (25 tons) Keeping Pros Rolling Since 1991.


We Know Traction !

Invented in 1975 and manufactured since 1991, GoTreads have been helping people get unstuck for over 30 years.

Go-treads offer a simple solution

Step 1

Turn off the vehicle and put it in gear. With the tool fully unfolded, lay it out in line with the tire that is suck.

Step 2

With the smooth surface of the short section down, push it between the tire and the rut.

Step 3

Once properly positioned, VERY slowly accelerate. This allows the tire to pull the GoTreads into the rut.

Step 4

Now that the tire is on a solid gripping surface, you can drive out to a safe location.

Made in North America

We need to create local jobs! Both Strike Force 67 & GoTreads feel strongly about supporting DOMESTIC manufacturing. All GoTreads related products are Made in either Canada or the USA...they are NOT offshore made.

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