All terrian tire traction for the road less traveled. Get virtually any vehicle going out of snow, mud and sand. GoTreads also double as levelling blocks. All this in a compact package with a LIFE TIME warranty !


Tailgater Tire Table - Now in Canada !

The original TGTT uses your vehicle or trailer tire as the main supoort offering a stable and level work surface regardless of ground conditions.


SeaSucker Vacuum Mount Gear

These are not your cheap suction cup toy mounts. SeaSucker mounts to all non porous surfaces such as glass and automotive painted type surfaces. Their vacuum mount bases offer between 120 to 210 pounds of holding power depending on the size. Open your creativity to the endless opportunties for these vacuum mounted products.


Kinetic Ropes

Proudly Canadian made by Afarid Knot Ropes...these are the best Kinetic ropes on the market !

  • It's our time to help them...

    Strike Force 67 is proud to support Wounded Warriors Canada. WWC offers a multitude of services to assist our military veterans and first responders who have sacrificed their physical and mental health to serve ALL Canadians. In these COVID times, WWC's key note fund raising events have been postponed. Explore what you can do to make a difference today.  

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