GoTreads XL Bundle

Two 58-inch foldable traction boards with carrying bag. Available in four colors! Our most popular model. Great for off-road and overland.


We stand behind our products 100%

In the unlikely event your GoTreads break, we’ll fix or replace them.

What’s the difference and which do you need?

GoTreads XL vs. Standard

Recommended Sizing by Vehicle

The weight rating for GoTreads XL and the GoTreads Standard is the same. Sizing is determined by optimal length. Larger vehicles typically means larger diameter tires. Either version of GoTreads is interchangeable across all vehicle sizes as far as weight rating is concerned.

Overall Traction Length

Each main panel of GoTreads is 1 foot long. An easy way to determine the approximate traction length is to count the panels. An XL GoTreads is 4 main panels thus we call it a 4-foot traction board. A standard GoTread is 3 main panels which equate to a 3-foot traction board. Custom lengths can be created by adding or removing panels to build whatever size you wish.

Maximum Leveling Height

When leveling, XL GoTreads easily provide 1-4 inches of leveling. Standard GoTreads provide 1-3 inches of leveling. The overall height, as indicated in the above image, includes the starter panel. It is possible to use this extra inch of height when leveling but it is more difficult to roll up and stop at the perfect point.

Total Weight Per Pair

Standard12 lbs (5.4kg)

XL15 lbs (6.8kg)

GoTreads are light and easy to transport from vehicle to vehicle. They also float. Great for boat ramp traction!

  • Save time

    Don’t wait for a tow, GoTreads make self-recovery easy.

  • Save Money

    Avoid costly tow charges and use GoTreads over and over again.

  • Travel Safe

    Providing emergency traction around the world for over 30 years.

  • Self Aligning

    The arched grooves help pull GoTreads into the center of travel. This keeps the traction in the middle of your tire where it provides the greatest aid.

  • Self Feeding

    The first two sections are grooved on one side and smooth on the other. This allows the tire to grip the top while the bottom slides along the ground and under the tire. No more digging to wedge a solid board under your tire!

  • Opposing Grip

    GoTreads feature opposing grooves across the entire surface. Top and bottom. This grabs your tire and the ground in opposite directions creating optimal traction. GoTreads utilize the full surface area on both sides of the traction board for grip.

  • Arched Strength

    This incredibly strong shape is utilized in GoTreads not only for traction but also for re-structuring the ground you are stuck in. Forming a series of arches in the surface of the ground creates a stronger gripping surface.

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