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Keep Your Fleet on Schedule

When your driver gets stuck at a slippery loading dock, spin their wheels in the yard or venture off the pavement then they need GoTreads!  They can be deployed in a matter of seconds - no tools, no assembly, no attaching to the tire required.  They are a quick and easy emergency self recovery tool.  Let's be real, GoTreads will not replace a heavy recovery 80 ton Rotator.  They will get you out of those frustrating minor packed snow, icy and muddy situations in a few minutes.

  • Specifically designed for transport trucks & military applications.
  • Rated for 50,000 lbs. - 25 tons
  • Made from tough & durable high grade copolymer polypropylene formulated to withstand extremely cold temperatures (-35F/-37C).
  • Compact when folded up...small storage space.
  • Deploys in seconds...your moving in minutes !
  • Prevent costly drivetrain damage and repairs.
  • LIFETIME Warranty !

How They Work

The patented arched grooves help the tool stay centered under the tire while adding strength as it supports the weight of fully loaded trucks.  The deep, opposing grooves grip the slippery surface and the tire to provide the necessary traction to get the vehicle moving again safely and without damaging the tire.  The smooth finish of GoTreads allows the snow and mud to shake off for easy cleaning.  GoTreads are made of a flexible, high strength, high impact copolymer polypropylene with special additives to give this durable plastic even greater toughness.  Yet, with all this strength it only weights 5.8 pounds and it floats too.

  • Simple & Safe to use.
  • Save Time...No assembly attaching to the tire...unfold and place in front of the tire and go in minutes.
  • Save Money...Save the cost of a tow/pull...prevent drivetrain damage...will pay for themselves the first time you use them.
  • Affordable...Far less expensive than a tow.
  • Peace of Mind...A driver can get going without asking for help.
  • Will Not Damage Tires.
  • Compact Design for convenient storage.
  • Reusable...Use and abuse them.  By design they are made to be used repeatedly.

Email for to further discuss the merits of GoTreads and our fleet volume discount plans.  Please include your name & number and member of our team will contact you.

GoTreads can be modified to come with extra full 12 inch sections upon request.


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