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100% Canadian made by Afraid Knot Ropes the leading manufacturer here at home.  Delivering safe, high quality, kinetic ropes strong enough to meet the demands of off-road vehicles.  AKR ropes are coated for durability, UV protection, snag and wear resistance. They come with heavy duty wear pads on the loops, so you won’t have to worry about wearing through. 

Why Kinetic Ropes

If you know! If you have been recovered or done a recovery using a kinetic rope, you know the benefits.

Chains, cables, and straps have no stretch. Have you ever gotten stuck, had a buddy hook up his cable and almost pull your tow hooks off? Well, here is your solution, with up to 30% stretch, kinetic energy ropes are designed to take the initial hit, dissipating and converting the shock energy into torque.

Have you ever watched someone hook a chain or winch line to a disabled vehicle, start to tow and watch the line go slack? The disabled vehicle doesn’t stop in time, the recovery vehicle hits the gas without noticing. The thought is enough to make any off-roader cringe. This can and will be where damage, injury, and recovery gear failure happens. The hard jerk puts huge force on every piece of the recovery system. Our kinetic energy ropes with up to 30% stretch can mitigate and if properly used eliminate the damage caused by those types of scenarios!