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GoTreads...Keeping Professionals Rolling Since 1991

GoTreads are the first and only professional traction tool specifically engineered for large heavy commercial transport trucks, EMS and military vehicles with a load rating of 50,000 lbs. (25 tons).  Using GoTreads for overlanding, off roading, UTV's, SUV's and cars are all considered light duty applications.  Regardless of the application, GoTreads come with a LIFETIME warranty.  

If you have a pair of fixed traction boards, that's all good.  View GoTreads like any other tool in that it has application capabilities that other traction tools don't offer and like all tools, not one tool tends to be ideal for all applications.  Being prepared with options is the way to go eh.

Why GoTreads

  • More Versatile.  They conform to the terrain, get pulled in under the tire far easier and are self aligning while under the tire while in motion due to the arched grooves. They can even be used in the fully or partially folded position depending on the situation.  That said, if you have two pairs of GoTreads you can potentially bridge by stacking/wedging your other folded GoTreads in the gap below and place an unfolded GoTreads on top as your pathway.
  • More Affordable - Big Time!  You get way more bang for your buck with GoTreads plus a LIFETIME can't beat that !
  • More Bite.  GoTreads are designed with deep arched grooves that oppose each other from the top and bottom sides.  The bottom arches grip the slippery surface below while the top arches provide the necessary traction for the tire to climb up on the GoTread to get the vehicle moving again safely and without damaging the tire. Each arch on average is 9 1/2" long with a bite depth of 3/8" deep which equals 3.5 square inches of biting action per arch.  Now multiply that by approximately 45 arches per side and that's an imposing 157 square inches of actual biting power per side!  Compare that to a bunch of studs that eventually break off. 
  • GoTreads XL...The longest traction tool on the market at 58" long.  Make it longer if required by adding on plates.
  • More Levelling Options.  GoTreads are far superior here too.  Each section is 1" thick and when folded up the bundle is 4" tall.  You need more height...interlock them and/or stack them.
  • More Compact.  GoTreads are far more compact vs other large traction devices mounted to racks.   If you are tight for space (Jeep / SUV / Car / UTV) or believe in travelling light and/or strategic then GoTreads are for you.  Re-purpose and/or preserve payload space for other truly bulkier gear like parts, tools, water and fuel.  Think of the options now available.  We offer single large storage bags, MOLLE bags and the Grab-N-Go Strap system.
  • Repairable.  With use over time you will experience wear and tear.  The beauty with GoTreads is that you can repair them and replace any component.  You will never pitch them flush your initial investment.
  • Modular.  Yep you can add plates at anytime.  Start off with any set up and trick them out they way you want to in the future.  Again, your initial investment is secure.  
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY  Seriously we mean it.  To review our warranty click above on Returns & Warranty.


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