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Strike Force 67

HUSKE 20x110mm Thru-Axle Plugs - GREEN

HUSKE 20x110mm Thru-Axle Plugs - GREEN

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The HUSKE (HUb Standards Keep Evolving) is a universal fork mount system that handles the most common fork mount standards of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Interchangeable plugs, such as the ones being sold here in pairs(20x110mm Thru-Axle), fit over an anodized aluminum extrusion (sold separately) and are also available for other hub standards, including 9x100mm Quick Release, 12x100mm Thru-Axle, 15x100mm Thru-Axle, 15x110mm Thru-Axle (Boost), and 20x100mm Thru Axle.

Suitable for all SeaSucker fork-mount racks: Talon, Mini Bomber, Bomber, and Falcon.

Not sure what size plugs you need? Refer SeaSucker in the Nav bar and then click on HUSKE PLUGS to view the chart.

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