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Tailgater Tire Table - ALUMINUM - LARGE Size

Tailgater Tire Table - ALUMINUM - LARGE Size

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The original Tailgater Tire Table is here in Canada!  This ultra compact, lightweight aluminum powder coated table is a must have for all those on the go.  From overlanding, van life, RV folks to contractors it's a piece of gear that deploys quickly offering ever important tabletop space keeping things off the ground.  Look at the pictures and think this one through...yep it makes sense.

LARGE Size (33.5" L x 28" W x 1.5" H)

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Weighs under 8 pounds
Easily Holds 75 pounds
33.5" L x 28" W x 4" D (Large Size)
Fits 30" tall tires up to 50" tall tires
The rear slider opens up enough to fit a 20" wide tire
The rear slider can be flipped over to get a better grip on the rear of the tire
The rear slider & back of the table must engage the tire for a snug fit
Stable regardless of the ground conditions
Retractable leg for extra support
If your fender is extremely close to the tire, it may not fit.  But in some cases, it can be angled while installing. (See video on installing page)
No tools or hitch required for installation. Installs within seconds
All parts come with and are stored on table, including t-bolts
Not meant to be used as a seat or a step


Install three jam bolts. There are two on the sides that will lock the rear tire support slider in place. The additional one is for the retractable leg located in the channel down the center of the table.

Press the silver push buttons to release each of the two small legs from the storage located on the bottom side of the table.

Insert legs into the square receivers on left and right sides next to the rear tire support slider with the bend in it. The legs will be pointed towards the bottom of the table and the grip tape will be pointed away from the table top towards the bend in the slider.

After installing both legs into their receivers, loosen the jamb bolts on the left and right side and pull rear tire support slider out about 12 inches.

Put rear tire support over the tire and down until the slider rests on the tire.

With one hand on the rear tire support and your thigh on the outside of the table, pull the table snug against the tire and tighten one jam bolt. Repeat the same for the other side.

Leveling from front of table to back can be accomplished by either raising the table and tightening it against the tire, or loosening it on the tire allowing it to be lower at the end. Side to side leveling is accomplished by rotating the table on the tire.

For added strength and stability, release center retractable support leg by depressing the silver push button on the side of the leg storage channel. You will need to reach up under the table to do this. There is a rectangle cut out in the channel located on the top of the table over the silver push button where you can push the leg out while depressing the silver push button if needed.

Angle the retractable leg towards the tire and rest it between the tire and ground which will help to avoid kicking or tripping on it. It can also be put straight up and down. Tighten the jam bolt when the leg is at the desired length.

If your tires are 32” and up, flipping over the rear tire support slider so the bend is down will allow for more grip on the tire.


*TailGater Tire Table is NOT a step or a seat. Using the table as either could result in injury and damage to the table.

*Remove the table before driving.

Tailgater Tire Table videos

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